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Kennebunk seniors get early start on future careers in video production

Kennebunk seniors Kristy Robinson and Shelagh O'Brien will have lots of experience in video production before they even hit college. They are both interning at Video Creations, a full service production company, which will help jump-start their future careers in the production world.

Robinson, 17, came across Video Creations on her way to Dunkin'Donuts in Shopper's Village, which shares the same entrance. "I wanted more experience in the field that I plan to major in college", said Robinson, who then began her internship with Video Creations, owned by Blake Baldwin, Lee Cote and Joe McKenney. "I quickly realized that I was working with the best group of co-workers one could ask for." Robinson learned to clean old films, transfer them to DVD and edit video with Final Cut Pro.

O'Brien, 17, heard about Video Creations through people in her community. "I had heard various things throughout the town and very positive reviews. When I walked in to ask about the internship, I was immediately drawn to everything in the studio. It is great." She adds, "Of course it is next to Dunkin' Donuts, so that's a plus." O'Brien is completing an internship to earn credits for her senior year in high school.

"I come into work for two and a half hours every other morning," she said, "It is ideal because rather than being in school, I am here at Video Creations." She has learned to clean, capture and speed change 8mm and 16mm film reels to convert to DVD. Currently, she is uncovering and piecing together a film library that Video Creations purchased from a world traveler who filmed events such as the Queen of England's coronation.

"This is the first time I did anything like this so it is pretty exciting. It's hard not to be interested when you find a film reel that says 'African Safari' or 'Lands of Eastern Mediterranean'".

She also has started using editing software to scan photos and slides as well, and enjoys the hands-on experience that allows her to learn about restoring old films and editing new ones.

Both girls feel that their internship experiences will help them be one step ahead when they are in college.

"My job experience here has been very positive. I felt comfortable immediately," said O'Brien, "No one here minds taking the time to stop what they are doing and help me learn something. I am just extremely excited about everything I have done and will start doing here."


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