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What types of formats do you transfer?

Video Creations can transfer almost any format, including:  VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, MiniDV, DVCAM, 8mm, Hi8, BetaMax, 8mm film, 16mm film, audio cassettes, vinyl recordings, photographs, slides, negatives, and digital files.

What is the process of cleaning, restoring, and transferring an old film or tape to DVD?

The process for transferring an old film or tape is as follows:

  1. Each film or tape is labeled with the customer’s name and an item number and is placed in its own project box.
  2. With films, each is cleaned with Anti-Stat film cleaner and checked for rips, tears, and loose splices and leaders.  Then all necessary repairs are made.  A leader is also added, if needed, before the film is captured.  These services are included in the transfer process at no additional cost.
  3. Films are captured using the same state-of-the-art process as used by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:  they are captured at the projector for the best-possible quality.  (Films are more-commonly captured from a projection on the wall or from a mirror image projected into a camera lens.)  Video tapes are captured using state-of-the-art equipment, which includes Time Base Correctors (TBC) for the highest-possible quality transfer.
  4. Each film is then brought over to editing where color correction is done. Music, labeling, and other unique features can be added to either film or tape, as well.
  5. DVDs of up to two hours each are now made.  At this point in the process, menus can be added and the DVDs can be duplicated.  DVDs come with a “basic” black-and-white label with the wording of your choice, or custom labels can be created by our design department, incorporating your photos and unique ideas.

What is the process of transferring old slides to a DVD in order to create a slide show with music?

  1. Slides, negatives, photos, or digital files are taken in, cleaned, and put in order.
  2. Slides, negatives, and photos are scanned, cropped, and color corrected if necessary.
  3. Media is then brought to editing where animation (motion) can be added to each image and titles can be added, as well.  Music can be selected by the client from our vast music library (during a $75/hour edit session), or appropriate music can be selected by our staff.  Digital voice recorders can also be borrowed by our customers in order to add a personal narration to any slide show.
  4. Next, DVDs of up to two hours each are made.  DVDs come with a “basic” black-and-white label with the wording of your choice, or custom labels can be created by our design department, incorporating your chosen images and unique ideas.

What is the process of transferring vinyl or audio cassettes to CD?

Vinyl or audio cassettes are captured directly from the media through our editing software.  We can either track the media (create individual song files) or make a single recording to burn onto a high-quality CD of up to one hour.  A “basic” or custom label is then added.

I have already had my films transferred to VHS tape. Why would it be any better to now have Video Creations transfer my films and tapes to DVD?

With the advent of VHS tapes and VCRs, we all were happy to have a more portable and user-friendly way to view our home movies.  At that time, many of us had our 8mm and 16mm films transferred over to VHS tapes, which resulted in a lower-quality transfer than the current digital process we now offer.  Unfortunately, VHS tape ages faster than almost any other medium, so the original 8mm and 16mm film is most likely of higher quality than the VHS transfers.

By their very nature, film, tape, photos, negatives, and other older media degrade and lose quality over time.  By transferring media onto high quality CDs or DVDs, we are not only able to dramatically reduce the aging process, but in many cases the results are better than before.  We cannot undo the aging of your original material, but your new media (DVD or CD) should retain its quality over time.  Having your media transferred to DVD or CD is also a great way to be able to share your memories with others.

Do you guarantee quality service?

All of our work comes with a 100% customer-satisfaction guarantee!

Why should I go to Video Creations?

Video Creations is a locally-owned and operated company.  Your cherished memories will remain in-house and be treated as if they were our very own.  Coupled with our guarantee, why go anywhere else?!!

How should I organize my order before bringing in my films and/or tapes?

The more “foot work” you can do as far as organization is concerned, the better.  If you are lucky enough to have well-labeled materials, putting your project in some sort of logical order should be fairly simple.  Sometimes, our customers do not initially know in what order their material should be placed.  After your material has been captured, we can then schedule an edit session (at $75/hour) during which we assist you in arranging everything to your liking.