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Transfers and Duplication

What better way to tell your story than a custom-created Video Creations Photoshow?

Bring us your photos, slides, or digital files, and we’ll design a show that suits your needs.  Whether it be a wedding, birthday, memorial, or reunion, we have Photoshow options that extend from the very basic to the extravagant and everything in between!

Photoshows are also easy to share and make a very unique and personal gift that lasts a lifetime!


The greatest gift you can give your family is sitting in the back of your closet...


Consumer Prices

Do you have boxes and boxes of old film, tape, and slides squirreled away in a dark corner of your attic, basement, or garage?

Video Creations offers a complete line of multimedia transfer and duplication services to help you revisit those cherished family memories. Not only do digital transfers of old media preserve fragile content, but they also make great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts! Video Creations can also duplicate and enhance your old photos and slides. Our friendly crew from Kennebunk will help you preserve your cherished memories for generations to come.

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